Our school comprises senior high school, vocational high school, and junior high school.  The campus is located in the suburban area of Toufen township, the northern part of Miaoli County.  Most of our students are from various ethnic groups or communities, including Hakka people, Hoklo people, Taiwanese indigenous peoples, as well as Taiwanese new immigrants.  The following are several major features of our school.
◎ Fine Art Program
In the division of junior high school, we have a fine art program for students in each grade.  Those who have interests in fine art, after passing an aptitude test, are all welcome to attend the fine art program.  These students can take their classes in the Fine Art Building, equipped with all the facilities and appliances needed.  Most of the students have participated in various fine art contests and have won numerous prizes.  Every year, before their graduation, they would hold a formal exhibition to display their art works during the past three years.
◎ Athletic Program
In the division of senior high school, we have an athletic program especially designed for the students who are skilled in track and field, basketball, or wrestling.  All of these students would attend several major sports events every year, and most of them have achieved excellent performances.
◎ Footprints of Zhonggang Creek
Since our campus is surrounded by the drainage basin of Zhonggang Creek, one of the major rivers in Miaoli County, we have designed this course to help students have a better knowledge of the surrounding area and local culture.  In this course, we would introduce the natural and human geographic information, the historical origins and transition, and local cultural and industrial development.  Furthermore, we would have a field trip to the neighboring Nan-Zhuan township and a nearby tea garden, offering students an opportunity to experience the local culture and industry in person. 
◎ Library
Our school library is famous for its abundant collection of books, amounting to approximately 50,000 copies, along with hundreds of types of journals and periodicals.  This library is open not only for our students but also for all the residents in the community.  All the people in the neighborhood are all welcome to pay a visit to our library, even on the weekend.
◎ Clubs
The students at our school are encouraged to attend student clubs.  For those who like sports, they can join wrestling club, fitness club, basketball club, volleyball club, and badminton club.  As for those who enjoy music and performing arts, they may choose Chinese orchestra, ocarina club, chorus, or hip-hop dance club.  Most of the clubs mentioned above participate in national contests every year and always have an outstanding performance.  Besides these, there are many other enjoyable clubs, such as creative robot club, beauty club, handicraft club, boy scout, Taiwanese indigenous language club, and Hakka culture club.
◎ Activities
During the two semesters of every school year, we would hold many extra-curricular activities for students, inclusive of community road running, basketball games, volleyball games, and dancing contest.  Through these activities, we hope that students can have a healthy way of life and a positive attitude.
As an ever-developing educational institution, we always welcome any form of cross-cultural communication to help our students broaden their global vision.  And we are looking forward to your visit in the near future.


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